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Men of Valor

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household priest places them on ever demanding expectations and equally challenging position. They are expected to be a role model not only to their family but to the society in general. It is therefore required that a man should know how to seek God constantly in order to fullfil the God given obligation.

In PGIC our aim is to equip men to guide, guard and govern their God given estate. Men of excellency are thought to hold values of integrity, respect and mutual trust. We organize retreat and social programs which enable us to interact and fellowship together.


Daughters of Zion

The role of women in the world can't be over emphasized: as a wife, mother and a career person. Therefore we provide forum which enables women to realize their potentials in discharging various responsibilities that they are faced with. We organize prayer meetings and seminars for our our women to adequately equipped them for this important role in this dynamic world. The purpose of the women's ministry at PGIC is to provide an avenue for women to fellowship, mentor and support each other in our Christian journey. Our goal is to create an environment where women stay connected to God, to the church and to each other to the glory of God.

The ministry is open to women of all ages whether married or single.

Meeting times: 
We hold monthly breakfast meetings. Watch out on the website for our next meeting


Ruth Ministry - Relating, Uniting, Teaching & Hoping

This is a forum for matured people both men and women who are not married and are of late age and still hoping to get married in life. Some might have been involved in a relationship in the past and perhaps with children involved.
The objective of this forum is to encourage fellowship among those in this category to relate and hoping for the best in life through teaching, encouragement and prayer assuring them of God's power to enable them enter into their set time like Ruth of old.


Young Adult Ministry

We take the development of the youth seriously in this ministry, it is important to impart Godly vision in their lives as the future of the Church in the next generation. We plan various program for the youth to equip them to handle challenges of life.



The biblical foundation of Evangelism begins with a clear understanding of the definition of gospel: The ultimate “good news”. At PGIC we express EVANGELISM by reaching out to our local and global communities to share the love and good news of Jesus Christ. Our Evangelism is focused on equipping and mobilizing all ministries and life groups to reach out to all people and share the love of Christ.

PGIC evangelism ministry is focused on community programs that are interactive and relational.


El Shaddai Praise + Worship Team

They are vibrant team of worshippers who seek to bring down the glory of God during all our services. If you are interested in joining the team to develop your potentials either as a singer or instrumentalist you will be welcomed.


Barnabas Team

We are each others keepers, in PGIC follow up of our existing members and seeking the welfare is very important to us. As a family based church, we are big enough to accommodate every one and small enough to look for each others welfare. Barnabas Team looks after the welfare of members to ensure that no one is isolated in the church. Home visits and telephone calls are made when needed especially to any members absent during the church service.


Cell Groups

A smaller group of members meeting in houses for fellowship during the week for encouragement and sharing together. We have cell group coordinators who direct the program of each house fellowship in various locations within Bay Area. Please contact us to locate the nearest cell group to your house.